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Mental performance journaling

Journaling is an excellent way to make sense of your thoughts, feeling, and actions.

It's a bit like talking out loud, saying something that is on your mind to make sense of it.

It's also a great way to take action on your goals. As soon as you write down a goal you have already taken physical action toward that goal. This can gather momentum and I usually find that when I write something down it usually happens.

I have 3 journals.

I have my mental performance playbook where I write down goals, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This normally travels with me and it's color-coded red.

I have my sleep performance journal where I document my sleeping patterns and worry journal. It's a great place to dump all my stressors before I sleep. I sometimes complement this with EEG brain scanners if I want to measure my sleeping patterns and brainwave activity. This journal stays next to my bed and is color-coded blue.

I also keep my clients' mental performance notes locked away, I'm always very careful not to leave any obvious details including names, etc the notes in this journal are the only ones I will understand. This is color coded and kept somewhere secret and safe. I'm dyslexic as well so I lean into that and write in a fashion that's incomprehensible to anyone other than myself. If anyone was to read it they would think one of the little gladiators had been using it to practice an ancient abstract variant of prehistoric calligraphy.

I usually encourage my clients to journal as well especially if they are sports people or business people. It can be as little as a note to refer to how they were feeling at training that day or it could be a place for them to write out strategies and gameplans for their next big move.

If you are interested in getting better quality actions through journaling and want to know more. Please feel free to reach out. I'm always open to learning as well so I'd also be interested to know of any models you are aware of that relates to this topic.

Best wishes,

David Galbraith

NewLife Gym

M23 Mental Performance

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