NewLife Gym - PARQ form

Please consult your doctor before training if:

  • You are pregnant or may be pregnant - please ensure Martial Arts training and general exercise is suitable for you during this time. 

  • You currently have or develop a condition/illness which may be aggravated by exercise.

Attending the Gym & COVID-19 Symptoms 

Please do not attend the gym if you or some one you have been in contact with, are showing COVID-19 symptoms. Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • New and continuous cough

  • Fever or high tempreature

  • Loss or change to your sense smell and/or taste

If you suspect you, or some one you have been in contact with, may have COVID-19 please seek medical advice. You can find the lastest NHS updates on COVID-19 here:

Before entering the gym we may ask to take your tempreature. This will be done via an infared thermometer. If you are showing an above average temp you may be refused entry.