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Find A Class

View our full adult and youth martial arts timetable.

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Monthly Membership

£7/class or £50/month or £65 /Month

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Complete Medical Form

Fill out your medical form.

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Not Sure?

Check out adult's page for all the info.

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Book Your Class

Book via the website or app.



We are currently accepting new students, however, due to high demand and limited space, you MUST pre-book all classes.

Classes operate on a drop-in basis, meaning you can pick and choose which day(s) you would like to attend each week. It's completely flexible.

It's easy to sign up...


  1. Please ensure you fill out a Medical Form prior to arriving for your first session. Please ensure you keep this information up to date and submit a new form should there be any changes. Please notify the coach of any medical issues that may affect you and where relevant have any medication (eg. inhaler etc) you may need with you. 

  2. Book a class either via the Bookings App (preferred method) or via the Booking Online page. 

  3. Please arrive 5 minutes early to class. We have COVID 19 protocols in place to keep everyone safe. These are outlined here. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them prior to attending.  

  4. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule you can via the Bookings App or by sending us a message via the Chat Box on the bottom right-hand side of this page.

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