Little Gladiators Classes - 3 to 7 years

Martial arts is not just about punching and kicking. For us, it's about reinforcing our core values of respect, honour, integrity, discipline and community. Looking after your body, local environment and community. Our aim is to set your kids up for life.


Our class is structured in such a way that your little one can develop with a combination of games and martial arts in our safe welcoming, custom-built facility. 

Classes cost £5/session and run Monday - Thursday 5.15pm - 6pm.

We have two payment options available 

  • Pay As You Go - £5/session (pay online or via cash/card at reception)

  • 'Class Pass' Block Booking - pay for 10 sessions up front and recieve two free (available at reception)

The full timetable can be found here.

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New Students

Due to high demand, we are currently at full capacity. However, we do have a waitlist in operation and would encourage you to pop your name on there. As soon as space becomes available we will contact you via email. 


Classes operate on a drop-in basis, meaning you can pick and choose which day(s) you would like to attend each week. It's completely flexible. Please note all kids must be capable of going to the bathroom themselves, unfortunately, we cannot accept students who may need additional support with this. 

It's easy to sign up...

  1.  Please ensure you fill a Medical Form for each child prior to arriving for their first. This is super important so we have all the relevant information we need to keep your little one safe. Please ensure you keep this information up to date and submit a new form should there be any changes. Please notify the coach of any medical issues that may affect your child and where relevant provide medication (eg. inhaler etc) upon arrival. 

  2. Book a class either via the Bookings App (preferred method) or via the Booking Online page. 

  3. Please arrive 5 minutes early to class. We have COVID 19 protocols in place to keep everyone safe. These are outlined here. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them prior to attending.  All children must be picked up & dropped off by a parent/guardian. 

  4. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule you can via the Bookings App or by sending us a message via the Chat Box on the bottom right-hand side of this page. 


Please make sure the students have the following things:

  • Water

  • Comfortable training clothes (eg. shorts/leggings/joggies/t shirt etc) 

  • Please ensure they have no jewelry on or any loose clothing that could be hazardous to them

Optional equipment:

  • Boxing Gloves - 4 to 8oz depending on the student's size. Unfortunately due to COVID, we can no longer provide gloves to borrow & we would strongly recommend you invest in a pair to help protect their wee hands. These can be purchased from Reception. Alternatively, we are happy to help and give advice on which size to purchase online. 

  • Uniforms - these are not mandatory but should you wish to purchase one you can from Reception. We sell both basic uniform of Shorts & T-shirt as well as Hoodies. 

  • Belts - these are provided at our Gradings. Gradings are not mandatory and can be skipped. We always notify parents in advance of Gradings to give them to option to sign up. 

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