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121 & small groupS

Training designed specifically for you. Your body, your mind, your needs and your goals. 


The beauty of 121 Training is that it's completely bespoke to you and your needs. Whether it's a one-off session you are after, or you have a longer-term goal in mind, we will shape your training to meet your needs. When creating plans for our students we always factor in the following outcomes; education, confidence, routine, physical fitness and mental well being.  Our coaches will work with you to create a flexible yet comprehensive plan to ensure your needs are met with ease. 


We are super fortunate to have a diverse team of coaches who are experts in their own fields. It's important you click with a coach, so we will always listen carefully to your needs and match you with the best coach for you. Find out more about our team here.

We offer 121 and small group coaching in the following disciplines:

  • Boxing

  • Muay Thai/K1 Kickboxing

  • Wrestling

  • No-gi Jiu-Jitsu

  • MMA

  • Strength and Conditioning 

  • Movement and Mobility

  • Injury Rehabilitation



Our goal is to provide access to Martial Arts training with no limitations, part of that includes ensuring our services are well priced. One of the main obstacles when it comes to accessing private tuition is the affordability aspect as by nature, private tuition is the more expensive option. With this in mind, we have designed our 121 tuition model with lots of flexible options built-in to help suit every budget.


It's important to us that everyone has a solid strategy to pull from should they wish to move on from 121 tuitions to independent training. We don't anyone getting caught in the cycle of 'falling off the wagon' without PT.


Below are some example packages which we have custom-built for students, which show the variety of schedules we can offer. 


Students' summary: 2 friends looking to fit training around their work & family schedules, daytime preferred, improve their fitness and learn how to box. Prefer a female coach. 

Training Plan:

  • 2 x 1-hour sessions per week

  • Late morning slot with an ongoing arrangement to pause during school holidays.

  • Focus on boxing with an element of strength & conditioning

  • Facilitated by coach Ana

  • Booking & payment on a weekly basis

  • Cost £40 per person for 2 hours of training per week

The aim here was to provide a place where the students can flex in and out of training, when family commitments required, without the fear of losing their 'spot'. We have made sure they are getting solid fundamentals, should they wish to move onto classes or independent training.


Student's summary: Returning to exercise after lockdown, looking to improve confidence, fitness and become self-sufficient training, aiming for 3 x per week. Limited budget.

Training Plan:

  • 8-week plan

  • 13 x PT sessions & 10 x classes

  • Complimentary Sports Therapy session

  • Total of 24 sessions 

  • Week 1 = 2  x PT sessions

  • Week 2 to 5 = 2 x PT sessions and 1 x Class

  • Week 5 = Sports Therapy session

  • Week 6 to 8 = 1 x PT sessions and 2 x Class

  • Cost £500 in total for 8 weeks, paid over 2 monthly instalments.

The aim of this plan was to make the students budget go as far as possible, whilst allowing them to establish their routine of training 3 times per week. As they build confidence and routine we gradually tapered from PT to classes,  where they continue their training.


Student's summary: Change of lifestyle, improve mental well being as well as physical fitness, felt limited by an existing injury. Long term goal.


Training Plan:

  • Total of 3 x sessions per week

  • 1 x Movement & Mobility

  • 1 x Strength & Conditioning 

  • 1 x Sports Therapy

  • Focus on rehabbing existing injuries in order to restore ease of movement & strength

  • Sessions delivered by 2 team members (strength coach & sports therapist)

  • Regular reformatting of sessions as the student progresses  

The aim here is to give this student their movement back, properly rehabilitate their injury & build their confidence in their own body again. We drew on the expertise of our Sports Therapist and together with the coach, and created a plan unique to the student. 

Looking for something straightforward and simple? A one-hour session costs between £35 to £40 depending on the skillset and coach you are after. 

You can even team up with a friend and split the cost. 


Feel free to contact us directly either via the chatbox, email or pop your name on the PT enquiry list, which can be found here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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