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These classes are suitable for students ages 11 - 15 years and cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA): Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling & Jiu Jitsu.


Whilst Martial Arts are considered contact sports, these classes are taught at an age-appropriate level. Any contact element between students is always supervised, performed with the correct protective equipment & conducted in a controlled manner. 

Classes are available on a drop-in basis meaning you can pick and choose when to attend. You do not need to attend all classes nor do you need to stick to the same sessions each week.  It's completely flexible.


MMA Classes​

  • Monday: 7.15 - 8.15 pm 

  • Thursday: 5.15 - 6.15 pm

We have two payment options available:​

  • Pay As You Go - £6/session (pay online or via cash/card at reception)

  • 'Class Pass' Block Booking - pay for 10 sessions upfront and receive two free (available at reception)

The full timetable can be found here.

All classes must be booked in advance, we have a capped number of spaces available in each class to ensure safety and quality coaching.  You can pick and choose which day(s) you would like to attend each week. It's completely flexible. 


Please make sure the students have the following things:

  • Water

  • Comfortable training clothes (eg. shorts/leggings/joggies/t shirt etc) 

  • Please ensure they have no jewellery on or any loose clothing that could be hazardous to them

  • MMA Gloves - weight is dependent on the student's size. These can be purchased from Reception. Alternatively, we are happy to help and give advice on which size to purchase online.

  • Gumshield 

Optional Equipment - Can be purchased from Reception.

  • Shinguards - these will become essential as they progress. 

  • Uniforms - these are not mandatory but should you wish to purchase one you can from Reception. We sell both basic uniforms of Shorts & T-shirts as well as Hoodies. 

ready to start?

We are currently taking on new youth students across all disciplines.

Classes start from £6/session and block bookings from £60.

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