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One of Those Weeks. Fitness & Wellness Blog Part 3

"It’s been one of those weeks”

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve not been sleeping well this week and my anxiety has been a complete pest. I’ve had constant panic attacks during the night and my diet has been pretty much non-existent.

So by the time Friday came I was feeling pretty demotivated; I almost cancelled on Jill because I really just wanted to spend my day off eating chocolate and watching Netflix. I am terribly guilty of hiding away when I’m feeling anxious and not leaving the house so I pushed myself and headed to the gym.

Just leaving the house and getting some fresh air helped (a bit), I had already accomplished more than I had intended when I first woke up. I wasn’t really in the mood for exercising, my body felt drained and worn-out. Any of you who have had a panic attack before will know how it feels afterwards; your body is exhausted and your mind even more so.

Jill and I have been working on squats the past couple of weeks so after warm up that’s what we started with. Previously, I hated squatting, it would always make me feel dizzy and off balance but with the aid of punching bags, TRX cables and chairs I now feel lots more confident. After about 15 minutes of working out I could feel myself really waking up and enjoying it again and as soon as we started boxing I was totally back in the zone.

The moral of the story? Bad days happen. Bad weeks happen but if you find something you enjoy then it becomes easier to pull yourself back out of them. I have never been diagnosed with depressed, but my anxiety can really affect my mood. Many things in the past have helped me cope with anxiety; I spoke about baking last week and how being creative can help. However, nothing quite helps lift my mood like exercising.

When I left the gym on Friday I was feeling much better, still pretty anxious but I felt happier and full of energy. I am really glad/proud that I did go to the gym rather than staying in bed all day. That wouldn’t have happened in the past I would have hid out at home feeling sorry for myself so it definitely shows how far I’ve come… BUT, there’s a long way to go! I am off on my summer holidays in 8 weeks so I really need to focus now on losing some weight over the next 2 months.

I’ll be working on my cardio over the next 5 days (mostly walking/jogging) and practicing my squats and crunches before going to my next session with Jill on Friday. I need to step up my fitness game now because there’s a good few summer dresses in my wardrobe that won’t zip up at the moment and we all know that carbs and cocktails will find me in Spain.

Have an awesome week everyone… I’m so thankful to Jill and all the team at New Life. I really can’t recommend this gym enough for any of your ladies/guys who are struggling with confidence or your self-esteem. If you want to try working out in a safe and non-judgemental environment then give the guys a shout.

Take Care Stephy

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