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Mastering the art of Combat: The M23 method for fighting like John Wick

John Wick is a fictional character who is known for his exceptional fighting skills in the popular movie franchise. His fighting style has been described as a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, boxing, and mixed martial arts. While achieving John Wick's level of proficiency may be difficult, you can employ M23 mental performance coaching and mixed martial arts training to learn to fight like him.

M23 Mental Performance Coaching

M23 mental performance coaching is a unique approach that focuses on enhancing performance through mental training. It seeks to optimize an athlete's mental skills, such as motivation, focus, and mental toughness, to help them achieve their goals.

To fight like John Wick, it is important to have mental toughness and maintain focus during fights. This is where M23 coaching can be helpful. Mental performance coaches can help an athlete to develop confidence, reduce anxiety, and maintain focus even during the most challenging fights. These skills can make a significant difference when it comes to fighting like John Wick.

Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a type of combat sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It combines techniques from a variety of combat sports, such as karate, boxing, and wrestling, to create a comprehensive and versatile fighting style. Training in MMA can be beneficial for anyone looking to fight like John Wick.

MMA training provides an opportunity to learn techniques from various fighting styles. In particular, John Wick's fighting style includes a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and boxing. Learning these styles can help you to improve your ground game, striking, and overall fighting performance.

In addition to training in various martial arts styles, it is also important to focus on physical fitness and conditioning. John Wick, as a character, is known for his impressive physical fitness and highly skilled fighting abilities. This can be achieved through a regular training program that includes strength training, cardio exercises, and sparring.


Fighting like John Wick requires a combination of mental toughness, focus, and technical fighting abilities. M23 mental performance coaching and mixed martial arts training can provide the tools needed to achieve this level of fighting proficiency. By integrating these approaches into your training program, you can develop the skills necessary to fight like John Wick, and achieve success in the ring.


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