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Home Training -  Stream Anytime.  Anywhere.

If there one thing a fighter knows how to do, it's adapt. Adapt our gameplan, adapt our training, adapt our diet, adapt to rule sets, adapt our style. One thing we have never had to adapt to is a pandemic. It is a huge challenge for us all, to say life is very different is an understatement. However, where there is a will there is always a way.


Welcome to our Home Training Library. 



Available to all NewLife Patrons - Past & Present

We know how much training plays an important part in people's phsical & mental wellbeing,  so we wanted to make sure we could reach as many of you as possible. Monthly members, PAYG folks, 121 clients, Little Gladiators - you are all welcome! 

Take What You Need -  Give What You Can

Pandemics aside, we understand the importance of training, both for mental & physical wellness. We also know that a lot of you are currently in a tough spot financially. We want to support you the way you have supported us over the years and ensure this project reaches as many of our patrons as it can, regardless of their current financial situation.


Members: Some of you have very kindly continued to pay your memberships as well as made donations to the project. This has been a life life in ensuring we as a family stay afloat but has also allowed us to continue to support ALL of our patrons from staff, to the kids we sponsor to your class mates who otherwise may struggle at the moment. Thank you!  If you are in tough spot and have had to pause/stop your membership that's ok too. You are welcome to make full use of the platform. It's a co-op. 


PAYG students: If you can & would like to, you can donate using the button at the top of the page. There is no right or wrong way to do this, a one off donation or pledge as and when you take a class. If you are not in the position to do so, that's ok too - you are still welcome to make use of the classes & content. 

Classes Available & Upload Schedule 

The library contiunes to grow rapidly with new classes being added almost daily. 95% of classes do not require equipment and for those that do we have chosen things that are easily and readily available or can be hacked to suit what you have around the house. Think small things like skipping ropes. Classes can also be scaled up to include any adtional equipment or spaace you have.  

These are not just fitness classes - we have worked hard to retain our standard class format with a big focus on technique.

You can choose from:

  • Amateur Boxing Series - All Levels - 2 min rounds with 60s rest. Mix of technique & conditioning rounds. 

  • Pro Boxing Series - Inter/advanced - 3 mins rounds with 60s rest. Mix of technique & conditioning rounds. 

  • MMA Series - All Levels - 3 min rounds with 60s rest.  Mix of technique & conditioning rounds. 

  • Micro Tutorials - All Levels - 5 min bite size tutorial taking a closer look at one specifc area - All disciplines. 

  • Strength & Conditioning - All Levels - Varied round times. Mix of technique & conditioning rounds. 

  • Bonus Classes - Anything that maybe doesn't quite fit the normal structure but we want to share anyway. 

  • Little Gladiators - Kids - 20 min class. 

  • Little Gladiators Micro Tutorials - focussing on creative ways to play!

  • Coming soon... Jiu Jitsu Solo Drills & Training Hacks 

Check out our UPLOAD SCHEDULE to find out when each type of video goes live. All videos go live at 9AM. 

Ready To Go?  Register & Get Started. 

Getting started it easy, just select the 'Go to Classes' tab or the login button at the top of the page and register. We will ask you to fill in some basics such as your name & email, we would also like to know if you are a member or PAYG client. If you are signing up for Little Gladiators we also ask the wee one's name. 

Why? This is just so we cant keep track of who is using the site, just in the same way we keep track of who is in the gym at any given time. Occasionally, we may get a name we don't recognise, please don't be offended if we ask for a little more information - never forget a face but names some times slip our minds! Thank you. 

Just before you go, please take a moment to read over and understand our Physical Exercise Disclaimer.



All the team at NewLife  

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