​I first saw David at SFC competing in MMA 2 years ago. Blown away by his explosive determination we kept in touch.
The unique Parent and Kid Combat Class was the starting point for my son and I, so impressed with the coaching and atmosphere it led to Boxing and Strength and Conditioning.
Shortly after I had abdominal surgery, David helped to speed up my recovery rate by advising on how to adjust my diet and finding ways to train that would be safe but still interesting and I am already back to classes feeling great.
Within three months I have become much more confident, feel healthy, motivated and have dropped from a size 16 to a 10 and lost 3 stones
I am motivated to continue to improve my fitness level, boxing technique and aim to reduce my body fat and tone up.
My partner brought our son to classes while I was recovering and he enjoyed it so much he too has gone back to training. Our lives have changed massivley for the better, my son, partner and I live a much more active, healthier, happier lifestyle.
David has been inspirational and has given guidance, support and ideas while pushing to achieve the results I didn't think I could."

Pamela Docherty - Laboratory Assistant / Singer

" I have worked with David Galbraith for six years now. David originally took me from morbidly obese gym newbie with a range of associated health issues to competitive fighter all within 15 months. I can't thank David enough for his training methods, help and motivation through a period of my life which has improved my self esteem, confidence and quality of life.
I am indebted to David's advice and support as I continue training with him to this day."

Stephen Landsborough



"Stephen​ is one of our great success stories.He has shown great courage and determination in order to reach his goals.His commitment and dedication shows in his results. I am very proud of Stephen's achievements and feel inspired by his story."

David Galbraith - Head Coach



Samantha works long hours in the finance industry.  She had a poor diet and no training.

Through personal training and New Life Gym classes....well the pictures speak for them self. We don't just transform bodies, we transform lives.


Samantha says "New Life Gym has totally changed my life giving me positive influence, structure and much healthier lifestyle"











"I walked into New Life Gym as someone who was had some bad experiences with martial arts gyms, but was immediately greeted with warmth in a welcoming environment.


David and the rest of the team took a personal interest in every single member, and I was quickly brought into the family of the gym.


I've struggled with social anxiety for years, and through the tough love, encouragement and care given at New Life, I feel better than I ever have. I've been given the chance to compete at a level I never thought possible, with a team by my side. I couldn't recommend this place more, as my life would look very different without the support I receive every time I set foot in the gym"