5 Secret steps to starting your own Martial Arts gym

This blog is a bit daunting for me as I've worked hard to make my dreams become reality through trial and error. I will say though I love competition so I'd love to see more competitors on the gym front. I'm not shy of sharing my ideas and knowledge.I always like to apy forward the help others have given me.

1. Start small with little overheads, like a town hall in a decent location within a community. Your too small to compete with bigger gyms so use this to target your clientele. Try not to sub contract at another gym too much or you may become over powered by there brand. They may also become offended when you decide to compete on the same level as them. That's a perfectly normal reaction for most people. That could create limitations on your progress. Surround yourself with posative people.

2.Create a name and Design a logo- Ask a friend or someone who is good with photo shop to help you out. Pick 2 main colors and a 3rd neutral one just in case you need to improvise later.

3.Get on Wix and create yourself a website.You don't need a fancy web developer just do it yourself and use one of the templates, hen you are big enough then you can pay someone to do it. The content should be honest and represent your brand well.

4. Facebook- Around 80% of the people we are in contact with use Facebook on a regular basis. Set up a business page and get busy on it. Upload content which is relevant to what you are doing, invite your friends,share it on your personal page and pay Facebook to advertise for you. To earn you need to spend so spend it on marketing with Facebook to maximize your audience. If people can't see you they can't train with you.

5.Work your ass off. This isn't going to work unless you are obsessed about it. Anything less is set for failure. This has to be it for you because you will face a lot of obstacles so your going to need motivation. You must be unconditionally committed to this to make it work.

This is some of the steps I took building NewLife so I've done it. I built NewLife with nothing more than4 judo mats, a vision, unemployed and on the brink of becoming homeless for the 3rd or 4th time.Martial arts taught me to be self critical,resourceful, disciplined,respectful, hard working, confident, relentless and fearless. Martial arts has made me the man I am today and my love for it is unconditional. The best piece of advice I can give you if you want to be successful in opening your own MMA gym is to look for the answer within. The resources are not material but within yourself. If you believe it's going to work you will make it work.

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