5 steps to success,freedom and happiness

July 27, 2016

A message to myself, my body and my mind

So I've been on another transformation period in my life. We all go through these in cycles as our mind and body is continually changing on a physical, biological and psychological basis. Its true we are different people to who we were 10 years ago and that's a natural process with time. I'd be having serious words with myself if I could chat with 21 year old me. I wouldn't have listened anyway. I need to stop talking to myself before I get sectioned.

Right, Anyway would I consider myself as all the things stated above. Yes I wouldn't be giving advice if I didn't. I have bad days and weeks like everyone else but their is 5 simple steps we can take to minimize this. I am, happy successful and free. I'm not rich in fact far from it I can't even afford to drive but I don't need material objects to achieve this as the answer is within. Below is a picture of me and my family at Christmas. Everything I do is for them. They are my World. We all depend on each others happiness.


1. Set Goals. OK what goals should I set- Be happy, Be successful, Be free. Those are awesome goals so how do I achieve this? First you need to find your true purpose. I'll give you advice on some tried and tested methods. These are big goals, not dreams or hopes but goals. If you set goals you will live your dream but if you just dream then you'll never reach them. You want to eventually break them down into years, months, weeks, days and hours.

2. Take action on your goals. Write them down and set up a task list. You must complete your tasks so set yourself a deadline. Hold yourself accountable and take action. This is freedom. The freedom to act on what makes you happy by expressing your purpose .

3.Educate yourself. We all love progress so dedicate at least 1 hour to it every day. It makes us happy and in fact we release dopamine into our brain while we are learning new skills. Progressively it does have a large place to play in happiness and that's why martial arts is such a great tool. You are learning how to use this vehicle you have been blessed with. The human body.

4. Exercise. Again more self improvement. Not only do you have this amazing vehicle but you can pimp it up with some awesome upgrades. You can make it faster, stronger, more stable, more sustainable. You're payment is time effort and some of that paper we all work hard for. In fact you don't even need paper as we just need motivation. Exercises releases Endorphins into your brain which is the hormone that is also released into your body during......Well I think you know. That's all the motivation you need!

5.Manage your time well. This one is actually rich coming from me but I can really see the benefits of good time management as it helps me achieve my goals, minimizes stress which ultimately helps me progress. more dopamine!!! This is something I have had to work hard at but it's making such a huge difference in my life. Allocate time to setting goals, acting on your goals set, exercise and education. Martial arts ticks a lot of these boxes so it's time effective.

We can make so many small changes in our life which can make a big difference and this is just 5 small steps you can take to send you on a route to happiness, success and freedom. Your version of these elements will be different to mine but the most important thing is self investment. We spend so much time chasing happiness in the form of money and material objects but the novelty dissolves very fast. The investment has to be internally to the very vehicle we spend our whole life in. Why would you not invest in that. I dedicate a lot of my time to helping others and that's because I enjoy it. It's my purpose in life so that's why I'm happy to pass any knowledge even if it helps you a little.






We can help you with some of thes tasks so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need our help.

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