You are who you eat. Diet is key to success.

1.I Have a Dream

So I had a dream last week. It wasn't Martyn Luther King but our old pal Alex Ferguson who appeared in my virtual reality. You may find this weird but I'm a lucid dreamer so I can recognise I'm dreaming and start communicating or changing the structure of my dreams. It's pretty cool and a talent I've always had but now I'm learning how to utilise it to it's full potential. I've always been a visual thinker.

2.The Right Winger

I was sitting in a dressing room with Alex Ferguson and I asked him what the key to success in life was. He told me a story about a Chinese player who played down the right wing who was a good player but he was bad for his diet. Alex said "He was always drunk, racist, smoking, battered his wife and just had a terrible attitude, so I removed him." He didn't give me a literal answer but I immediately awoke from this dream and instantly knew what he meant. The Right winger was toxic and he is not good food for his thoughts.

3.The Currency is Time

So this was such a great lesson although one I already know but don't always practise. The concept is if you spend your money on junk food then you will become ill while waisting money. This concept goes for people as well except the currency is time & energy spent. If someone is toxic they can have a huge impact on your mental state. If you are in constant contact with people who are bad for your mind then you will become ill. My dad has always told me to be careful who I hang about with but you never really listened. Well I've never heard truer words spoken.

4.The power of influence

Anyone within your proximity has the ability to influence you and most of the time you can't even see it. You become who you are surrounded by. Even the way you talk changes instantly depending on who is in your company. Some people make you feel nervous while others make you feel great.

5.Surround yourself with greatness and see where you go.

I see a wonderful human being in my great friend Jamie McKenzie and that's because he see's the best in everyone. I respect that because the World needs more people like Jamie. He's passionate, kind, funny, compassionate, empathetic and just a total buzz to be around to say the least. He's a real treasure and good for my mind. I've caught him trying to NLP me a few times which annoys me because he doesn't need to but I let him do it if it makes him happy. He's like toad stool in Super Mario brothers. He is there to help you grow....

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