We are not a MMA gym.

June 29, 2016



I watched over our highlights yesterday and it allowed me to revisit our journey over the last few years.


Almost 90% of the time people come to us and say "Help me. I need your help". I've had people sit in front of me and tell me we are last shot at life. People who have been sectioned, experienced death, financial ruin, Health scares, family issues and they come to us for help. A "MMA" gym. I met someone who experienced what I did when someone tried to take my life when I was 18. He never got into martial arts and walks around a complete nervous wreck suffering from PTSD. It was surreal as it was like looking at myself except the main difference was martial arts and the path I had taken to better myself and recover.


I am not a personal trainer. We are not a MMA gym. This is so much more and I firmly believe what we do is amazing. I am totally obsessed and completely submerged in what I do. Our team has been specially selected over years of building trust among each other on the same journey. I've met a few toxic characters along the way but they have been removed. My team are my family.


Some people don't like it when I call out liars, cheats and thieves but I believe in what I do with every molecule in my body.I hold myself accountable for my own flaws so I'll sure as hell hold someone accountable for being deceptive.


When I first started pursuing my dream I done it with nothing but a vision, work ethic and values. Now we have something amazing. Something which is so much more than a business, a gym, a fight team. We have a cause and a purpose which makes a real change in peoples Lives. The name "NewLife Gym" was not a coincidence. When I came up with it I wanted it to show our purpose and what we do on first glance.


Our next chapter is going to be truly amazing. I'm smarter with more resources and a great team by my side. The great thing about making something with next nothing is being able to imagine what is possible with something.







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