I always remember looking at a book called "I am David".I kept it and pretended to read it. I made up stories and pretended it was me. Well I don't think I made them up as I was telling a story about me but said it was from the book. I'm not into reading books as I like to create my own story through my imagination and action. I'm writing my own book as we speak. You are reading part of it. I've just realised what I am going to call it. I AM DAVID.

Things that stick out when I say David. The Star of David. David vs Goliath. David Galbraith. My son. As some of you may cringe as you read this I am fully embracing it. As life is a journey of self discovery I have been looking at myself to find out truthfully who I am. David is the first point of contact.

Truth- I hate lies. In fact I have a problem with it. Serious Beef! I'll speak about beef later! Poor cows. I remember a hippy guy gave me a book with a blue guy back handering a cow."Does he think this of me?" I felt insulted.I should read that book. Anyway I hate lies. We all tell lies here and there but I get insulted by it. Sometimes you do it to protect yourself but I actually have an issue with it. I really don't like it.That's the issue. Sometimes I wish I could just accept it but I can't. I'm also very good at seeing it when it happens. I might do the cage fighting but am no daft. Never read a book though. I don't even have good grammer.

Respect- Be kind to others but that starts from within. Be kind to yourself. I tell the Little Gladiators this all the time. Respect yourself and respect your environment. Respect your community. They all go hand in hand.

Honour- Goes hand in hand with truth. Honour youself and others around you by sticking to your word.

Integrity- Same but this time it's different. It's important my voice is heard.Honestly. Sometimes we are in situations were we allow people to lie to us and accept it. It's important we call things out sometimes or it becomes self abusive. Inegrity isn't always to do a selfless act. Sometimes it's having the integrity to be truthful with yourself that's important.

Discipline- I hate this one but it's important. I used to go around the back of the school and get a menchy. I was being creative but ultimately defacing the governments property. I don't feel bad about it. It shows lack of discipline though so I'm fixing that one. I wrote "Davie-G" and it was a pure belter as well. One you'll never forget. I'll even go as far as to say it was a dullion. I don't like discipline but it's important. It would be cool if we just done what we felt but unfortunately not everyone feels like they want to help everyone or get a belter of a menchy. In fact some people want to do the complete opposite. I'm going to be more disciplined in who I help and where I get a menchy. Unfortunately I can't give everyone 100% of Davie G all the time. Just like you can't go flat out in a fight for all three 5 minute rounds. You need to guage your paramaters. I learned loads from the cage fighting. Some people call it human cock fighting but that's barbaric. Cocks should never fight unless they are wild.

Community- My community.Your community. Everybodies community. Their was this mystical man who tought me this and he's a bit of a legend so I wonder "where is this mystical man". My favourite saying of all time my favourite, your favourite, everybodies favourite. ahhhhh hahahahahaha.I hope he is well. I felt tempted to do it again as it's addictive. It's a good saying though. My favourite- That's important. Your favourite- That's important. Everybodies favourite- That's both combined. The very saying cries out community. The key message everyone is happy and in harmony. As a network all helping each other. Together. It's probably from a gameshow in the 90's but I like the 1990's. These core values are me. NewLife is my busines. I like helping people. I like to be heard. I love animals. Kids are awesome. I like nature. So I'll get back to the cows. I like animals and I've stated before that I eat too much meat so I'm going to go on mainly vegitarian based diet. I tried before but the cage fighting got in the way plus my guns weren't being maintained to their optimum level. I don't need to do as much cardio now though so that should help. By eating animals I'm being cruel to them so that's why I'm making this decision. It doesn't sit right with me and never has. I'm being unfaithful to myself by paricipating in the mass slaughtering and abuse of animals. So there. As you have probaly noticed I haved added to our core values. The most important of them all. Truth. Live true to who you are and don't settle for anything less.

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