Our Team

All our NewLife Gym coaches are fully qualified and specialize in each of their own disciplines. They have traveled the world gaining knowledge from different cultures.  All of our coaches compete in their field and practice it as a profession on a high level so we know what works and what doesn't. As a result the information you will receive is good quality over quantity.

David Galbrath - Head Coach

- Pro MMA Fighter

- Head Coach

- SOMMA Promoter

- Fighter Safety Standards Advocate

David brings his 25 years of intensive martial arts and fitness experience to the table. He originally came from a kickboxing background working his way up through the ranks to become a full time Professional MMA Athlete. Known for his aggressive style and resilience David cemented his standing in British MMA. David now focuses on bringing new talent up through the ranks as well as laying the foundations with our extremely popular Little Gladiators programme.

Jamie Mckenzie - MMA/Strength and conditioning

- Pro MMA fighter

- Senior Coach

- Strength & Conditioning 

- Fighter Safety Standards Advocate


Known for: Aggressive in the pocket style striking, high work intensity classes and cheeky banter!

Train with him:

Monday 6pm Boxing

Tuesday 6.15pm Jiu Jitsu, 7.15pm Boxing, 8.15pm Sparring

Saturday 12.30 Jiu Jitsu

Chris Gregg - Mixed Martial Arts

- Active Amateur MMA Fighter 

- Multiple fights across multiple disciplines

- Fighter Safety Standards Advocate

Train with him:
Thursday Muay Thai 7pm 

Ad Hoc Classes cover

Sean Keogh - Wrestling

Sean has a life time of experience as a wrestler who represented Scotland in the Commonwealth games and completed a 2 year scholarship in America. Caught in hurricane Catrina he was unphased and went on to win a silver medal at the All American National Championships. He is undoubtedly a world class athlete and has been a huge part of our success.

Train with him:

Wednesday Takedowns for MMA 8pm

Thursday Takedowns for MMA 8.15pm

Ad Hoc Classes cover

Mondo Woodcock - Muay Thai

- Ranked #5 in UK at 57kg - Active Muay Thai Fighter

- Headhunters K1 Title - 58kg
- SPMF Scottish Title - 68kg

- SFMA Amateur Scottish Title


Jill McCulloch - Striking

- Head Coach & founder of NewLife Ladies

- Founder of NewLife Mental Health Campaign. 

- Black Belt, 1st Dan in Kickboxing

- SOMMA Promoter

- Fighter Safety Standards Advocate

Known for: A real eye for technical detail and a very technical approach to striking.

Train with her: All Ladies Classes (Mon, Thurs & Sat)

Wednesday Boxing 6pm, Muay Thai 7pm, 8pm Intro to sparring

Saturday 11.30am Boxing

Gary Priestly -  Mixed Martial Arts

- Active Pro MMA Fighter

- NAGA Champion

- Heads up NewLife Grapplers Competition Team

- Health & Fitness education

- Judo player

- Fighter Safety Standards Advocate

Train with him: 

Monday 7.30pm Muay Thai, 8.30pm Sparring

Thursday 6.15pm Jiu Jitsu, 7.15pm Live Rolling


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Resurgence is a brand new fight team.  Resurgence is a team that represents a new beginning and something anyone can aspire to be part of no matter what your background is. 


NewLife Gym holds regular trials over a six week course which focuses on intensive 'fight preparation' to see who has what it takes to fight at a competitive level.