NewLife Ladies Gallery and Reviews


The ladies classes are amazing and all coaches ensure that the needs of everyone in the group are met, we are a bit of rogue bunch, all ages, diff fitness levels but everyone encourages each other and there is a real community spirit in the gym! If you have been thinking about trying out a class, time to do it!


I would highly recommend this gym to all women, I've never been in a gym before and Jill made me feel so welcome and comfortable, all the ladies at the gym are all extremely nice and helpful.

Jill C

I went along to the ladies classes wanting to learn a bit of boxing and now I'm totally addicted, going to mixed classes and starting to try my hand at jiujitsu. All the members are very friendly, and the classes cater to all ranges of experiences. Best thing I ever did was join up!


All you have to do is read my blog posts to see how I feel about New Life. I have never been in a more supportive or comfortable fitness environment before. I only needed a few of sessions with Jill to find my fitness/running stride again and get back to training! Awesome!!!!!


Everyone's there to support each other and we all encourage each other to push ourselves each class. I'd definitely say a warm welcome is guaranteed at Newlife Ladies. It's been a total fitness game changer for me from a personal, social and physical point of view. Can't thank the team at Newlife and boxing girls enough for the weekly sessions of sweaty banter.


Can't recommend New Life Ladies highly enough! I started with the Ladies Boxing classes last October and haven't looked back since. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every class I've gone to. There's a very inclusive atmosphere and everyone's welcome, don't be worried that you're not fit enough or might feel out of place in a 'boxing' gym. Give it a go!